Real money: Is it different from play money


Poker games are played for fun, entertainment and profit. Some players prefer play games as opposed to real games. In the games played merely for fun, the amount of money at stake is less as compared to real games. Real games are the ones wherein the real strategic game planning is involved. Real games are much serious than play games.

How is real money different from play money?

 When players play online rajawaliqq poker games with play money, they are basically trying their luck at poker. Suppose you want to get the skill first before jumping on to a game with your real money. Play money helps in this aspect by teaching the skills and strategy required for playing. The advantage is not losing the real money when you are just a fresher to such games.

The players, who are quite serious with their money and possess the needed skills, tend to play poker with real money. One may even think about winning real money by utilizing the play money. If you are preparing a stage for you in the online poker field, it is always good to start with play money. This would gradually pave the way for earning real money.


Real money through play money in online poker

Online poker is tough when it comes to judging the mindset of the opponent. But, playing a couple of games with play money would portray the opponent’s planning. Since, most of the players betting play money are just trying their luck, you stand a chance of winning a bet. How? Well it would be ignoring the weaker draws and focusing on the right trick at the right time. The enthusiasm, excitement and proper planning required for winning real money games is what you learn. You also learn the types of draw a game has, for example, flush draw, straight draw, gut shot, through play money games and utilize this knowledge for the real money games. Spending the initial stages of poker in play money games is highly helpful. You develop your skills and experience and reapply them again and again until you are a confident poker player. Ultimately, in the experiential stage you are not losing anything. You are setting the stage for winning real money poker games.

As we know, prevention is better than cure, reveal your best hand at the right time. A player has to play tactfully so that the online poker amount to your credit is not washed off soon.

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